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Transform your look with our premium eyelash extensions and lash lifts at Aesthetically Speaking in Reno, Nevada. Experience the ultimate in beauty and confidence with our expertly crafted lash extensions and lifts.

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Aesthetically Speaking is Reno’s original body and beauty boutique – we pride ourselves on offering the finest eyelash services tailored to your unique preferences and needs.

Our skilled Aestheticians specialize in a variety of eyelash enhancements, including classic extensions, volume lashes, mega volume lashes, hybrid lashes, and lash lifts – we also offer lash combos and packages. Whether you desire a natural, everyday look or glamorous, show-stopping lashes, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Using only the best quality products and the latest lash lift and lash extensions techniques, we ensure long-lasting results that exceed your expectations.

Our Lash DESIGNs

Natural Fullness and a variety of length, volume and curl that is designed by a “certified” lash artist to compliment your natural eye shape and face. Classic lash extensions are a 1-1 ratio, therefore every natural lash has one single lash extension applied to it. This process normally takes 90-120 minutes to perform (80-120 lashes per eye).

Classic Lash - eyelash services in Reno, NevadaPartial Set Classic Lashes $125
Full Set Classic Lashes $185
60 minute fill $70
90 minute fill $85
Emergency 30 minute fill $60


This is a combination of both Classic and Volume lashes that are applied by a certified lash artist. This look combines the Classic 1-1 ratio lash with a mixture of Volume lashes (3-8 lashes handmade into fan) to give more fullness than the classic, but not as dramatic as the volume. OUR MOST POPULAR SET. Procedure takes approx. 120 minutes (100-180 lashes per eye).

hybrid lashes - lash services in Reno, NevadaFull Set Hybrid Lashes $225
60 minute fill $80
90 minute fill $90
Emergency 30 minute fill $70


This look is a fluffier look than classic lashes. It gives a very professional look, and looks like you’re wearing eyeliner. Very dark black look. Handmade fans of 3-10 lashes are applied by certified lash artists. This procedure takes approximately 2 hours.

Volume Lashes comparison - eyelash services in Reno, NevadaFull Set Volume Lashes $250
60 minute fill $75
90 minute fill $95
Emergency 30 minute fill $70


​This is our most dramatic look! This service takes the most advanced artist & all fans are custom/handmade using the flower bouquet technique. This is the darkest look & we try to lash 90-100% of your natural lashes in approximately 3 hours. All of our lash artists performing this service have at least 1-5 yrs. lashing experience & are certified before graduating to this level of lashing.

Mega Volume Eyelash - eyelash service in Reno, NevadaMega Volume Full Set (Advanced Artist) ​$300
60 minute fill (Advanced Artist) $100
90 minute fill (Advanced Artist) $110
30 minute emergency fill (Advanced Artist) ​$75


Interested in other lash enhancements?



We only use the BEST! Our new Keratin lash infusion (Lift) creates beautifully lifted lashes that are longer, fuller and stronger! This treatment increases the volume in the diameter of each lash by 40%. Unlike other lash lift products, this treatment closes and seals the full lash, so there will be no frizziness or odd shaped lashes. Over time you will actually see longer, stronger, healthier lashes with no damage to your natural lash. Lash tint included & will last for approx. 2-3 months.


Before and After an eyelash extensions by Aesthetically Speaking in Reno, Nevada

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Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are single or multiple strands of synthetic mink eyelashes applied to a single natural eyelash creating a longer, fuller and darker lash look with hundreds of lengths, thicknesses, lash curvatures and colors to choose from. Our certified lash artists can customize a set of semi-permanent lashes specifically for your eyes.


To maintain stunning eyelash extensions, follow these care tips: Avoid water and steam for 24-48 hours post-application. Use oil-free cleansers and gentle motions to cleanse. Brush daily to prevent tangling. Steer clear of oil-based products and waterproof makeup. Protect lashes while sleeping by avoiding pillow friction. Schedule touch-ups every 2-3 weeks. With proper care, eyelash extensions remain gorgeous for longer. Optimize the longevity of your extensions with these simple yet effective practices.


Arrive makeup-free to ensure a clean surface for bonding. Avoid caffeine to reduce eye fluttering during the procedure. Shower beforehand to minimize water contact post-application. Plan for a comfortable reclined position during the session. Communicate any allergies or sensitivities to your technician. Follow any pre-appointment instructions provided by your lash technician for optimal results. By following these preparation tips, you’ll set the stage for a successful eyelash extension application, ensuring stunning results that last.


The time it takes to apply semi-permanent eyelash extensions typically depends on several factors, including the expertise of the technician, the desired look, and the number of lashes being applied. On average, a full set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions can take anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours to complete. However, it’s essential to remember that this timeframe can vary from person to person. During your appointment, your technician will assess your natural lashes and discuss your desired outcome to provide a more accurate estimate of the time required.

WHO ARE Eyelash Extensions FOR?

Eyelash extensions are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their natural lashes with added length, volume, and definition. They’re ideal for individuals with sparse or short lashes who want a fuller, more dramatic look without the hassle of mascara. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or simply want to streamline your beauty routine, eyelash extensions offer a convenient and long-lasting solution. Treat yourself to the luxury of effortlessly beautiful lashes that make you feel confident and glamorous every day.

Are eyelash extensions safe?

Yes, when applied by a trained and experienced technician using high-quality products, eyelash extensions are generally safe. Adhesives specially formulated for use near the eyes are typically used, and proper hygiene protocols are followed to minimize the risk of irritation or infection. However, individuals with sensitive skin or allergies should consult with a professional before getting eyelash extensions. Additionally, following aftercare instructions diligently helps maintain the health and safety of your natural lashes and the extensions. Enjoy the beauty and convenience of eyelash extensions with confidence in their safety when applied by a reputable professional.

HOW LONG DO eyelash extentions last?

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions typically last for about 4-6 weeks, depending on factors such as your natural lash growth cycle and how well you maintain them. Touch-up appointments every 2-3 weeks can help maintain the fullness and longevity of your extensions by replacing any lashes that have shed naturally. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy beautiful, voluminous lashes for an extended period, enhancing your natural beauty effortlessly. Trust in the lasting allure of semi-permanent eyelash extensions to elevate your look with ease and confidence.


Yes, mascara can still be applied after getting eyelash extensions, but it’s generally not recommended. Mascara can cause clumping and may weaken the adhesive bond, leading to premature shedding of the extensions. If you feel the need for additional volume or darkness, consider using a specifically formulated mascara designed for use with eyelash extensions. These mascaras are typically water-based and gentle on the extensions, allowing you to enhance your look without compromising their longevity. However, it’s best to consult with your lash technician for personalized advice on mascara use with your extensions.